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SMYM Schedule 2018

Date DetailsTopic of discussion

10/Feb/18:  2nd SaturdayPizza partyPreparation for Lent

17/Feb/18 : 3rd SaturdayMusic PracticeNo Session

18/Feb/18 : 3rd SundayYouth Mass

24/Feb/18 : 4th SaturdayYouth MeetingSacraments 1: Baptism

3/Mar/18 : 1st SaturdayNo MassNo Session

10/Mar/18 : 2nd SaturdaySandwich MakingNo Session

17/Mar/18 : 3rd SaturdayMusic PracticeNo Session

18/Mar/18 : 3rd Sunday Youth Mass

24/Mar/18 : 4th SaturdayYouth MeetingSacraments 2: Confirmation

31/Mar/18 :  Holy SaturdayYouth MeetingEaster Prep

7/Apr/18 : 1st SaturdayNo MassNo Session

14/Apr/18 : 2nd SaturdayMusic PracticeNo Session

15/Apr/18 : 3rd SundayYouth Mass

21/Apr/18 :  3rd SaturdaySandwich MakingNo Session

28/Apr/18 :4th SaturdayYouth MeetingSacraments 3: Eucharist

5/May/18 :1st SaturdayNo MassNo Session

12/May/18 : 2nd SaturdaySandwich MakingNo Session

19/May/18 : 3rd SaturdayMusic PracticeNo Session

20/May/18 : 3rd SundayYouth Mass

26/May/18: 4th SaturdayYouth MeetingSacraments 4: Reconciliation

2/Jun/18 :1st SaturdayNo MassNo Session

9/Jun/18: 2nd SaturdaySandwich MakingNo Session

16/Jun/18 : 3rd SaturdayMusic PracticeNo Session

17/Jun/18 :3rd SundayYouth Mass

23/Jun/18 : 4th SaturdayYouth MeetingSacraments 5: Matrimony

30/Jun/18 : 5th SaturdayYouth MeetingSacraments 6: Holy Orders

7/Jul/18 :1st SaturdayNo MassNo Session

14/Jul/18:  2nd SaturdayMusic PracticeNo Session

15/Jul/18:  3rd SundayYouth Mass

21/Jul/18:  3rd SaturdaySandwich MakingNo Session

28/Jul/18: 4th SaturdayYouth MeetingSacraments 7: Anointing of the sick

4/Aug/18 :1st SaturdayNo MassNo Session

11/Aug/18: 2nd SaturdaySandwich MakingNo Session

18/Aug/18:  3rd SaturdayMusic PracticeNo Session

19/Aug/18: 3rd SundayYouth Mass

25/Aug/18: 4th SaturdayYouth MeetingThe importance of Fellowship

1/Sep/18 :1st SaturdayNo MassNo Session

8/Sep/18: 2nd SaturdaySandwich MakingNo Session

15/Sep/18: 3rd SaturdayMusic PracticeNo Session

16/Sep/18 :3rd SundayYouth Mass

22/Sep/18 :4th SaturdayYouth MeetingEvangelization

29/Sep/18 :5th SaturdayYouth MeetingService/ Almsgiving

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