Church is a  place of worship where everyone should feel welcome, secure and safe.

   We take utmost priority to implement the policies of our diocese. 

   (The guidance below  is adapted from the diocese of Calgary ) 


  Our guiding principles are the following

  • implementing procedures to make abuse impossible

  • developing a culture where abuse is unthinkable


  Policies applicable are: 

  • All volunteers, staff, and clergy who teach, supervise, and visit children or elderly have agreed to our Model Code of Conduct and intend to act accordingly

  • Vulnerable Sector Police Information Checks have been procured for all these personnel

  • Annual training in child abuse prevention and elder abuse prevention is available and is presented to these personnel, and to interested members of the parish

  • Children and elderly are treated with respect, patience, integrity, and consideration

  • Positive reinforcement is the norm, rather than criticism, competition or comparison

  • The Two – Adult rule is always observed

  • Good supervision ratios is followed for minors (minimum of 2 adults per 15 children)

  • Pastoral care visits are made by pairs of volunteers

  • Complaints are dealt with promptly, respecting civil authority and the people involved. 

       All Catholics should feel free to ask questions about how safety is being implemented in your                 parish.  If you  want to reach us any anytime please contact:                 

       If  you have any complaint, don't hesitate to contact:

  • Safe Environment Policy of  Epharchy of Mississauga click to download

  •  Forms below are for the Parish Environment  coordinator who is requested to fill out and send it to the office of the Epharchy every year in the month of September(Academic year) It is mandatory to do this every year. More names, please use more pages.Any exception in this matter, that should be granted by Eparch. 

  •  Higher Risk Category list:  This will help the Parish Environment coordinator to figure out who are called to be Higher Risk Category and what kind of mandatory check needed before commencing the volunteering  

  •  Waiver and Release of liability forms, should be used for any event organized by any Parish/mission, can be customized for your use.   

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